New Super Mario Bros U (Wii U rabljeno)

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Akcija velja od 04.12.2023 do 10.12.2023 (še samo 1 dni), ali do razprodaje zalog.

New Super Mario Bros. U Product Details

Mario and Luigi bounce onto Wii U in New Super Mario Bros. U!

The Super Mario Brothers make their HD debut as traditional Mario side-scrolling gameplay get a massive visual boost, some great new features and the chance to bring your Mii into the fun for the very first time!

Key Features of New Super Mario Bros. U on Wii U

    Explore new areas of the Mushroom Kingdom with one giant world map!
    Gain exciting new skills from Power Ups and Yoshis
    Exciting new multiplayer modes for you and your Miis
    Fun new gameplay using the Wii U Game Pad
    Play and share your Mario fun through the Miiverse

Mario, Luigi and Toad are back in a brand new adventure – in a brand new land! Bowser has changed his usual plans of kidnapping Princess Peach, and instead invades her castle, using a giant mechanical arm to toss our heroes far, far away. It's up to them to make their way home through this strange land in order to save the Princess.

This new land features a large, seamless world map, the first time such a map has appeared in a side-scrolling Mario Title in over 20 years! This map houses all the interconnected courses and worlds, letting you play them in the order you choose and offering the chance to find the hidden exits and shortcuts that can change the layout of the map!

The worlds may be new, but there are plenty of features that will be familiar to long-time players of Super Mario Bros, each with new and exciting twists! Power-Ups make a return, with some older ones offering new abilities – mini-mushrooms now let you run up walls! – while all-new Power-Ups include the Flying Squirrel Suit, giving Mario limited flight as he floats through the air.

Baby Yoshis of varying colours also return, with each different colour offering a different treat! Blue Yoshi spits bubbles that can trap your enemies, Yellow Yoshi can help light-up dark area, and Purple Yoshi will expand like a balloon and let you take to the air!

There's a new creature on the prowl, too – the Nabbit! The Nabbit has stolen things from Toad and it's up to you to, well, Nab him when you see him! He'll appear randomly throughout the game, and if you do manage to Nab him you'll also earn a powerful P-Acom which will fly you continuously through the rest of the stage.

The Wii U Game Pad brings something new to multiplayer games. Boost Mode is fun for up to five players – four using Wii Remotes to leap around as normal, and the fifth using the Game Pad to assist them by killing enemies, and moving blocks and creating platforms to get through tricky areas or grab hard to reach items. You can also switch game play from the TV to the Game Pad at any time and continue playing even when others are watching the TV.

New Super Mario Bros. U also offers host of new game modes. Some are single player, some multiplayer, and each adds a fun and exciting new twist to the traditional Mario gameplay. First up is Challenge Mode, which dares you to fulfil specific objectives like completing a level without touching the ground, without collecting a single coin, or within a certain time. There are four single-player Challenges – Time Attack, coin Collection, 1-Up Rally and Special, which offers all kinds of other challenges.

There are also Boost Mode Challenges for two players, one using the Game Pad, the other a Wii remote, introducing co-operative speed runs for the first time in the series. The player using the Game Pad can manipulate enemies and objects in real-time to find the fast route through any level.

Boost Rush is another new feature where speed is of the essence. The level will scroll automatically, getting faster as you collect your coins and pushing you to complete it as quickly as possible. Coin Battle is a fun mode for up to five players (one on the Game Pad, the others using Wii Remotes) competing to collect the most coins. The Game Pad can be used like in Boost Mode to get harder to reach coins and even block the paths of other players. It can also be used to customise the coin layout in these courses.

During the multiplayer modes, you can play as your Mii for the first time in a side-scrolling Mario adventure, but that's not the end of your Mii's interaction with the game. Through the Miiverse you can connect with other players, see their comments and accomplishments and leave your own feedback for others.